Samsung releases new TV Products featuring Micro LED Screen

New Samsung TV

Samsung has a leading position in the global TV industry. It always develops new technologies and is among the first to use them in new products. Last night, the South Korean company released various new TV products, including Micro LED models, Neo QLED 8K series, and the Lifestyle series.

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Samsung Micro LED

Samsung said that the Samsung Micro LED screen is made on a sapphire spar and combined with LED inorganic self-luminous technology. The new product has more advantages in terms of service life, efficiency, speed, and reliability. We understand that you care about performance more, but this is the case when you don’t have to worry about a thing. Due to the powerful Micro AI processor, Micro LED can independently control 24 million micro-LEDs. Other than that, the light control accuracy is as high as 20bit, and the peak brightness can reach 2000 nits.

New Samsung TV

The Neo QLED 8K TV comes with the new audio and video tracking OTS Pro technology, quantum dot processor, and 8K artificial intelligence technology. The latter can automatically optimize the sound source and transmission method. Its new channel speakers and powerful Dolby Atmos create lifelike stereo sound. So with, the Q-Series 990 speakers, it delivers a punchier, deeper, and more immersive sound.

This new 8K product can provide users with an 8K ultra-high-definition performance. It also supports HDR10+ image quality improvement technology.

The Serif TV Series

The new The Serif TV is a new product created by Samsung and the famous French designer brothers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The side of the product is designed with a unique capital letter “I”, which provides more choices and space for home decoration, and also allows users to place it on the top of the TV. Users can freely place The Serif TV anywhere or remove the stand and place it on the desk in the living room.

The Frame

In addition, The Frame can be paired with the upcoming new swivel wall mount to switch the TV display between landscape and portrait, giving users more creative space to decorate what they want.

New Samsung TV

As the company officially announced, Samsung has also made major upgrades for The Frame and The Serif series. The product uses a matte screen display, which can diffuse the light on the surface to different angles through an embossed coating to reduce ambient light reflection. Honestly, this upgrade is more significant for The Frame TV. The reason is that the design inspiration for The Frame comes from a painting hanging on the wall. So the matte screen display technology can restore and present a more realistic canvas texture.

Samsung TV Prices

However, these Samsung TV products are not chip: The prices are the following:

Micro LED series

  • 89-inch MSRP 749,999 yuan ($109,141)
  • 110-inch suggested retail price of 1,049,999 yuan ($152,798)

Neo QLED 8K QN900C Series

  • 75-inch suggested retail price: 69,999 yuan ($10,186)
  • 85-inch suggested retail price: 99999 yuan ($14,552)

Neo QLED 8K QN800C Series

  • 55-inch suggested retail price: 14,999 yuan ($2,183)
  • 65-inch suggested retail price: 20,999 yuan ($3,056)
  • 75-inch suggested retail price: 34,999 yuan ($5,093)

The Serif Landscape TV LS01C

  • 43-inch suggested retail price: 6999 yuan ($1,018)
  • 55-inch suggested retail price: 8999 yuan ($1,306)
  • 65-inch suggested retail price: 11,999 yuan ($1,746)

The Frame Wall TV LS03C

  • 55-inch suggested retail price: 9499 yuan ($1,3822)
  • 65-inch suggested retail price: 11,999 yuan ($1,746)
  • 75-inch suggested retail price: 18,999 yuan ($2,765)
  • 85-inch suggested retail price: 29,999 yuan ($4,366)

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