DJI Avata Drone For Beginners Launched, Starting at $629

DJI Avata

Earlier today, the DJI Avata drone was officially introduced to beginners, starting at $629.

DJI Avata Drone For Beginners

DJI Avata is a compact drone with its own blade protection cover, weighing about 410 grams and measuring 180 × 180 × 80 mm. According to the company, the fuselage is sturdy and durable. It can still fly normally after a slight collision and supports downward vision obstacles and object sensing.

In terms of shooting, the DJI Avata comes with a 1/1.7-inch 48-megapixel f/2.8 sensor, which supports recording 155° ultra-wide-angle 4K / 60fps videos, as well as super stabilization and horizon stabilization. The drone can fly a maximum of 10 kilometers with a maximum hover time of 18 minutes. It also has 20GB of onboard storage.

For beginners, DJI Avata uses the standard flying glasses and DJI traverse joystick. Just turn the wrist to control the flight direction and just press the accelerator trigger to control the forward flying speed. It is compatible with DJI Goggles 2 and DJI FPV goggles V2 and also supports DJI FPV remote control 2, and DJI traverse joystick.

DJI Goggles 2

DJI also launched the DJI Goggles 2 flying glasses. They support head tracking and weigh only 290 grams, which is 30% lighter than the DJI FPV flying glasses V2. The mask is soft and fits well with the face, greatly improving the light leakage problem.

The DJI Goggles 2 adopts Micro-OLED display technology, comes with two 1080p screens, has an independent video processing chip, and supports Wi-Fi wireless screen projection function as well as mainstream audio and video software using the DLNA protocol.

DJI Avata

In addition, the DJI Goggles 2 supports diopter adjustment from 200 degrees for farsightedness to 800 degrees for nearsightedness. For users with astigmatism or outside the native diopter correction range, you can match your own lenses to suit your individual vision and put them into the included vision correction glasses frame.

Price and Availability

The DJI Avata is available in a single or two-package version, but it must be used with flying glasses. The prices are:

  • DJI Avata (standalone): ​​$629
  • DJI Avata Smart Set: DJI Avata + DJI FPV Goggles V2 + DJI Crossing Joystick: $1,168
  • DJI Avata Advanced Set: DJI Avata + DJI Goggles 2 (head tracking) + DJI crossing joystick: $1,388
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