Sony Launched DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

Sony DualSense Edge

These days, we will see many new gaming products. The reason is that Gamescom 2022 (2022 Cologne International Game Show) has started. It will last from August 24 to August 28 at the Cologne Exhibition Center. We have already introduced a few gaming monitors, such as the HP-owned HyperX Armada. But you understand that our vision is towards top-end brands, such as Sony, Microsoft, etc. Today, the Japanese company announced the DualSense Edge wireless controller, which is considered to be the ultra-customizable controller for the PlayStation 5.

Sony DualSense Edge

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At this year’s Cologne Game Show, Sony announced that the PS5 DS controller would usher in an elite model called DualSense Edge. The new controller boasts many powerful customization features. Users can adjust much hardware- and software-based customization options, including:

  • Adjustable joystick sensitivity and dead zone, trigger key travel and dead zone adjustment;
  • Multiple control profiles can be saved simultaneously for use in different games;
  • Comes with a dedicated Fn button to help users quickly switch between different control profiles and adjust game settings;
  • Comes with three interchangeable rocker caps and two interchangeable back buttons;
  • There is a replaceable joystick module to improve handle life (sold separately).

Sony DualSense Edge

At the same time, the DualSense Edge handle supports all the functions of the DualSense handle. When saying this, we mean built-in microphones, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback vibration, and more.

Apart from this, the DualSense Edge handle comes with a rocker cap, back button, and USB Type-C charging cable. The charging cable connector can be locked with the handle to ensure that users will not shake too violently in wired mode.

In the coming months, Sony will gradually reveal more information about the DualSense Edge controller. As you guess, we still have no info concerning its price and release date.


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