Samsung Launched 98-inch Neo QLED TV At $33,900

Samsung Neo QLED TV

There are companies that can’t even struggle in a single niche. But there are others that have leading positions in multiple fields. Samsung belongs to the latter. This brand makes numerous products that compete with other top brands in a specific field. For instance, Samsung TV is a recognizable product line that can beat any rival in almost all categories. Recently, the manufacturer launched a new 98-inch Neo QLED TV in South Korea. Compared to last year’s model, this year’s 98-inch TV has a 4K resolution, higher brightness, better picture quality, and more powerful speakers. At the same time, it costs KRW 45,000,000 (around $33,900). Thus, most of the users can purchase it only if they are selling their kidneys, haha.

Well, let’s get into details. The TV features a 98-inch Mini-LED panel with a 4K resolution and a maximum brightness of up to 5,000 nits. Due to the 14-bit panel and Neo Quantum Processor, its brightness has 16384 levels of adjustment capability. Its AI-powered graphics processor can upscale non-4K content to 4K resolution. Our protagonist also supports HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG but still lacks Dolby Vision.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Apart from this, the new 98-inch Neo QLED TV has a 6.4.4-channel speaker configuration with a total power of 120W. These include six front-firing speakers, four upward-firing speakers, and four subwoofers that support Object Sound Tracking+ and Q-Symphony for better audio and integration with Samsung Sound Blaster.

The two above paragraphs prove that the new Samsung TV is a true beast that is capable of providing top-notch viewing and audio performance.

Anyway, it’s also interesting externally. The TV has a metal body that is only 19.9mm thick (35% thinner than the previous generation TV).

As for the software part, the TV runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system and supports Bixby, Alexa, Samsung Health, Samsung TV Plus, and SmartThings.

According to the official introduction, the Samsung TV will land in Europe and in the US in the coming months.

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