Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition Mouse Released

Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition

Razer is a manufacturer that specialized in designing and producing gaming products. With every new product, we see how hard the company works. And the recently-launched Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition mouse is the proof of these words. The new gaming mouse costs 1199 yuan ($175). This is more for a computer mouse, but let’s why this product is priced so high.

The new mouse has 13 RGB lighting effect areas and includes a wraparound light strip at the bottom, providing about 16.8 million customizable lighting options. Moreover, it can be used with more than 200 games that integrate Chroma color effects.

Inside, the mouse hosts a Razer FocusPro30K optical sensor with 99.8% resolution accuracy. This sensor includes various AI functions, such as intelligent tracking, movement synchronization, and upgraded asymmetric lift/landing distance settings.

Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition

In addition, the Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition supports Razer’s third-generation optical mouse micro-motion. The latter can effectively reduce the risk of double-clicking and jitter delay. It also has an astonishing service life of about 90 million times.

In terms of connectivity, the Razer Basilis V3 Pro uses Razer HyperSpeed ​​2.4GHz wireless technology and supports only one USB wireless receiver to connect it with a compatible Razer wireless keyboard.

The new product also supports Bluetooth connection mode and Type-C wired connection mode. It is compatible with the 4KHz HyperPolling wireless receiver that Razer released not long ago. This receiver supports a native wireless 4,000Hz polling rate.

Razer Basilisk Snake V3 Professional Edition

Apart from the mouse, the company also launched the new Razer Mouse Dock Pro. The latter includes a wireless charging module that can be used with the new mouse. Players only need to install the wireless charging module on the bottom of the mouse. On the base, it has a magnetic attraction for wireless charging. But it is sold separately.


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