Nreal Air Is Revoluationary AR Glasses, Starting At 2299 yuan ($336)

Nreal Air

Virtual reality and augmented reality products are becoming more and more popular. But honestly, they are not mature yet. probably, this is the main reason why they can’t compete with other products on the market, such as smartphones, projectors, etc. However, what if we say that recently, there was launched a product that combines glasses with the performance provided by projectors? We are talking about the Nreal Air AR glasses, which have the industry benchmark-level spatial retina-level display and support a 130-inch aerial projection screen and 201-inch AR sharp color sky screen.

Nreal Air

We understand that you are not familiar with this brand, so we are not as well. But Nreal was established in 2017, headquartered in Beijing, with more than 400 employees dedicated to AR innovation. This is the world’s first consumer-grade AR glasses brand that sells its products mainly in the UK, US, Japan, Germany, and other European countries and markets. It uses the NRSDK development platform, which is compatible with OpenXRE and GSXR standard interfaces. By the way, there are nearly 20,000 developers working on products for these platforms.

In the global consumer AR glasses industry in 2021, Nreal’s share is as high as 75%. So this brand knows how to make AR products.

Nreal Air Design

The shape of Nreal Air is exactly the same as that of classic sunglasses, weighing only 79g (excluding cables and nose pads), and has an original 140° elbow design.

The hinges of the temples also support vertical three-speed adjustment. The horizontal opening and closing range are up to 40°. Users can select any of three sizes of nose pads to adapt to various head circumferences of 120-186mm.

As an internal core, it uses an independently developed engine. The latter supports a new generation of Sony Micro OLED as an image source.

During the optical transmission process of the displayed miniature image, the deflection of the light direction and the state of the light wave are controlled by the optical display structure element. The system also supports self-developed precise pixel adjustment and anti-distortion algorithms.

Nreal AR glasses

In terms of display effect, the Nreal Air has a resolution of up to 3840×1080 pixels (4K), MTF>0.7, PPD=49, and has a 100000:1 high contrast ratio, 108% sRGB high color gamut, and 400nits high eye-catching brightness.

Not surprisingly, we are talking about the world’s first AR glasses that have obtained the three authoritative eye protection certifications of TUV Rheinland for low blue light, no flicker, and eye comfort. Plus, it is the only XR device that has obtained the highest level of Eye Comfort certification.

The Biggest Highlight

However, the selling point of these glasses is the aerial screen projection mode. In simple words, it can project the screen of smartphones, tablets, Macs, game consoles, and other devices to a maximum of 130 inches (4 meters in front of the eyes).

Nreal AR glasses

Based on the self-developed high-precision and high-stability 3DoF optimization algorithm, the Nreal Air also supports three-degree panoramic AR space. It comes with a 201-inch sharp-colored sky screen. Users can adjust the screen size, distance, and position at will.

The Nreal Air AR glasses are priced at 2299 yuan ($336). It’s already available for pre-order, while shipping will commence on August 27.

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