Huawei Car Seat With HarmonyOS 3.0 Support Went On Sale

Huawei car seat

Last year, a popular Chinese car maker launched the AITO M5, targeting a smart luxury SUV. It was one of the first devices with the Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive range extension platform and HarmonyOS smart cockpit. At the end of July this year, the cumulative delivery of AITO M5 exceeded 26,348 units. Thus, we are talking about a very popular vehicle with a Huawei platform onboard.

Huawei car seat

A few days ago, a Huawei executive announced that the first car seat directly connected to the Harmony smart cockpit that supports AITO cars had landed on Huawei Mall. After the Huawei smart cockpit is upgraded to HarmonyOS 3 version, the Huawei car seat has got many new features as well.

As the company proves, the Huawei car seat adopts an intelligent temperature control system. It can detect and adjust the seitting temperature in real-time and supports seat temperature warning. At the same time, the rear of the seat carries a dual-drive air suction device, which can discharge the sweat on the back of the child and avoid the cold air-conditioning due to the sultry heat.

More importantly, the Huawei car seat supports the direct connection of the Harmony cockpit. The latter provides direct control of the child seat on the car smart screen. It also supports installation status detection, such as whether the buckle is loose or not installed. The built-in gravity sensing system can detect the child’s seat status in real-time.

Now, it’s time to understand the price. The child seat is priced at 3588 yuan ($526). It is suitable for children aged 0-7 (0-25KG), supports ISOFIX interface + support legs (about 0-4 years old), ISOFIX interface + car seat belt (about 3-7 years old). Also, it has two installation methods comes with a 150° full-cover awning, shock-absorbing and energy-absorbing PU headrests, etc.

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