Pixel Tablet May Ship With a 64-Bit Only Build of Android 13

Pixel Tablet supports 64-Bit

Google plans to release the Pixel Tablet in 2023. The new tablet, announced earlier this year, is expected to ship with Android 13 and a range of tablet-optimized apps from Google. It looks like the Pixel Tablet could be the first Android device to only ship with 64-bit software.

Pixel Tablet could be the first 64-bit Android device

Because an android source code discovered by Mishaal Rahman indicates that Google is testing a 64-bit version of Android 13 on a device codenamed “Tangor”, believed to be the Pixel Tablet, which would be able to optimize the use of memory thanks to the 64-bit operating system, but which, however, would not be able to run 32-bit apps.

Apple made this transition in 2017 for iOS, but since 2019 Google has mandated that all apps submitted to the Play Store have 64-bit versions.

This transition to 64-bit Android should therefore not affect the vast majority of users, but with the transition to 64-bit only iOS, it was no longer possible to run many old games at the time, so a similar scenario could arise for the Google tablet.

On the other hand, ARM has already announced that it will only develop 64-bit CPUs from 2023 to improve energy efficiency, but Google has already confirmed that Pixel Tablet will use the Tensor chipset which still has the 32-bit architecture.

Other Specs and Design

Therefore, little information was released about the novelty. Only the use of Google Tensor chipset and Android are confirmed, possibly in its 13th version, in addition to some aspects present in the teaser shown.

Pixel Tablet 64-Bit support

The Pixel Tablet will have a curved green back with a similar finish to the Pixel 5, a widescreen with white edges, a selfie camera positioned at the top with the device horizontally, a USB-C port, and a sound system. stereo quad.

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