OPPO Smart Cat Litter Box Differs From Its Rivals

OPPO smart cat litter box

That’s a common practice for traditional smartphone makers to try themselves in other niches as well. For instance, Xiaomi has already launched thousands of products in categories that have nothing in common with smartphones. Moreover, it is making an electric vehicle. Well, other companies follow this strategy as well. For instance, recently, OPPO held a new product launch conference, where it released the OPPO Watch 3 series. But there was another interesting product that no one paid attention to – the first OPPO smart cat litter box.

OPPO smart cat litter box

There are many kinds of automatic cat litter boxes on the market. However, the safety problems of automatic cat litter boxes emerge in an endless stream. If you choose the wrong cat litter box, it might even kill your pet.

In this regard, the OPPO smart cat litter box adopts an integrated structure anti-pinch design. Also, it supports six-fold safety protection. So you don’t have to worry about the kitten being caught. In addition, the size of this cat litter box reaches 57.6L, which gives the cat sufficient space for activities.

Judging from the official pictures, this product comes our way from the AIRROBO air radish brand of UBTECH. But we think with their help OPPO is going to build its own ecological product chain.

OPPO smart cat litter box

As for the OPPO-related brand, UBTECH is a high-tech innovation enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots. “Airrobo” is a sub-brand established by UBTECH to enter the field of smart home cleaning.

As for the product we were talking about above, more details will be disclosed by the company in the coming days. Plus, we will learn about its price when the company officially uncovers this product.


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