OnePlus Ace Pro Phone Aiming At Gamers Finally Launched

OnePlus Ace Pro

Today, OnePlus launched its first Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 smartphone, namely the OnePlus Ace Pro. Its price starts at 3499 yuan ($518) and it is going to benchmark any Android smartphone on the market.

The handset is available in two color variants – Moonstone Black and Jade Green. Among them, the Moonstone Black color variant is the world’s first to use the “Diamond Engraving Double AG Process”, while the Jade Green color uses a ceramic textured bluestone green. When holding in hand, it provides an interesting feeling as you are holding a piece of jade.

As for the rest of the design elements, the back cover of the OnePlus Ace Pro adopts an integrated process to make a complete piece of glass into an integrated continuous curved glass. The Moonstone Black color adopts the process of drilling and engraving double AG glass. So it is silky but does not slip. The lens module adopts the “skylight cloud mirror” design, which makes the transition between the frosted AG glass and the bright camera lens group smooth and matte.

Key Features

The phone features a 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED flexible straight screen that supports a 720Hz touch sampling rate. This is the first hint that it is aimed at gamers.

Under the hood, we have the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a full-blooded version of 16GB of memory, and the Ice Vessel Snow Mountain cooling system, which has a 5177mm² large-area cooling VC area. Thus, it doubles the thermal conductivity. Not accidentally, in AnTuTu, our protagonist scores over 1.14 million points.

As you guess, this handset is ideal for mobile gamers though it’s not considered a gaming handset. For instance, the average frame rate of Genshen in a 1-hour test reached 59.3 frames, and it also achieved 810P throughout the whole process without degrading the picture quality.

In order to improve the overall smooth experience, the OnePlus Ace Pro starts with 12GB of memory, but the highest version has 16GB of memory. Combining software and hardware optimization, OnePlus officially stated that it can guarantee smooth use for 4 to 6 years.

OnePlus Ace Pro

The network supports the n28 5G frequency band. Under the premise of base station support, the 5G network will perform better. Compared with the ordinary n28, the exclusive super n28 technology increases the 5G network speed by 2 times, the network reception range by 1.96 times, and the signal anti-interference ability by 2 times.

In terms of battery life, the OnePlus Ace Pro has a built-in 4800mAh battery, which supports 150W long-life super flash charging. It only takes 19 minutes to fully charge from 1% to 100%. Even if it is charged once a day, it can still maintain 80% of the battery capacity after 4 years of use.

OnePlus Ace Pro

The camera is another noteworthy feature of this handset. It comes with the Sony IMX766 CMOS and OIS (optical image stabilization). Thus, this device has a flagship-level camera performance. With the support of Snapdragon 8+, the computing power and ISP processing power of IMX766 are greatly enhanced. Also, the OnePlus Ace Pro adopts the exclusive optimized Turbo Night algorithm to make night scene imaging faster and the capture success rate increased by 65%. Apart from this, the OnePlus Ace Pro also upgraded the main camera to a full-link 10-bit color. Thus, in the photos it takes, color details and imaging performance is improved a lot.

OnePlus Ace Pro Price

Finally, the price that everyone is interested in. The OnePlus Ace Pro 12GB+256GB is priced at 3499 yuan ($518), 16GB+256GB is priced at 3799 yuan ($563), and 16GB+512GB is priced at 4299 yuan ($637). It will go on sale on August 15.

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