Nothing Phone 1 Offered Only 700 nits Instead of 1,200 nits

With the Nothing Phone 1, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has once again achieved what he already did impressively with the first OnePlus Smartphones: the cell phone was extensively reported on in advance and a certain amount of hype quickly set in. As it turns out, the information about the performance of the display was somewhat exaggerated. The screen is not as bright as claimed at the top.

A look at the smartphone’s specifications at launch revealed that the display should be able to achieve a peak brightness of 1,200 nits, which is a very remarkable feature for a mid-range smartphone, considering that these brightness levels are only guaranteed by top-of-the-range such as those of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Too bad that, in reality, the measurements reveal a very different reality.

Nothing Phone (1) screen issue

Various sources highlight how the maximum brightness offered by the Nothing Phone 1 screen does not go beyond 500 nits in manual mode and 700 nits in automatic mode when strong ambient light is detected. It is also true that manufacturers usually indicate maximum brightness values ​​that can only be obtained in certain contexts, such as in HDR mode.

Nothing Phone (1) screen issue

However, as ComputerBase specifies, even trying to measure brightness in HDR mode does not go beyond 700 nits. Here, then, that Nothing promptly responded by changing the official specifications: now the official website indicates 700 nits of maximum brightness, while on the past pages (archived on WebArchive) was indicated in 1.200 nits.

Other Issues of Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone (1) screen issue

Nothing Phone 1 went on sale in July 2022. Many users were waiting for the release of the gadget and called it the “most interesting” smartphone of this year. Users especially liked the unusual translucent design of the device and the LED backlight on the back cover. Immediately after its release, the smartphone showed a number of shortcomings. So, many noted on social networks that at minimum brightness, the screen of Nothing Phone 1 starts to give off a green tint, and the front camera fogs up.

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