LG Tone Free T90 and Tone Free Fit Announced

LG Tone Free Fit (TF8)

Today, LG launched new TWS headphones, and this product made a huge stir around it. There are various reasons why this happened. But let’s get into details and understand what is the key to the success of the LG Tone Free T90 wireless earphones. By the way, apart from this, the manufacturer also announced the second wireless Bluetooth headphones, namely the Tone Free Fit (TF8).

LG Tone Free T90

LG Tone Free T90 Specs

The LG Tone Free T90 has the signature germicidal UVnano charging case. Like the Tone Free FP9 launched previously acts as a Bluetooth transmitter. In other words, this case allows users to connect it to devices that lack wireless connectivity, such as a treadmill. Once done, the headphones can be used normally.

The LG Tone Free T90 boasts “new internals and larger drivers that help produce deeper, more satisfying bass.” Plus, the headset supports Dolby Head Tracking “across content and devices.” On top of this, we have to mention the support for ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

LG Tone Free T90

LG claims that the T90 is the first wireless headphones to feature Dolby’s audio virtualizer designed specifically for earbuds. Due to it, the headphones will increase the immersion and dimension of sound. In addition, the headset has a battery life of up to 9 hours (with adaptive active noise cancellation turned off), and can last up to 18 hours with the charging box.

LG Tone Free Fit Parameters

The second headset, the Tone Free Fit (TF8), is designed for fitness. Like other workout-focused earphones, the LG Tone Free Fit (TF8) has soft silicone fins that keep the earphones from falling out, even during vigorous exercise. In addition, the headset is IPX7 waterproof. Thus, it is more water-resistant than the IPX4 in the T90. This device supports hybrid active noise cancellation. Battery life is also slightly longer, with up to 10 hours of continuous playback.

LG Tone Free Fit (TF8)

Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no info concerning the prices of these headphones. However, it has been confirmed that they will be available in the global market at the end of August.

LG Tone Free Fit (TF8)


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