Lenovo Legion VR700 VR Headset Is On The Road

Metaverse is around the corner. Very soon, the world we know will not exist. Everything we consider common will change. What we have seen in sci-fi films will turn into reality, well, into virtual reality. This is what we are talking about. All major tech brands are investing tons of money, time, and resources in being prepared for the new world. Apart from hardware, there should be corresponding software to carry this new world on their shoulders like Atlanta. However, still what we see mainly refers to hardware. For instance, today, Lenovo Legion announced it will launch a new VR headset called the Lenovo Legion VR700 soon.

Lenovo Legion VR700

From the poster, we can learn that this headset uses the mecha elements of the Legion series on the front. Plus, there is the logo of Lenovo Legion. But generally, it looks identical to the other VR headset products on the market.

Unfortunately, there is no specific configuration of the Lenovo Legion VR700 yet. However, from the number “Y700”, we can assume that this VR headset should be positioned at the mid-end like Y70 series mobile phones, Y700 series tablets, and Y7000 series notebooks. Thus, it should come with a relatively weak configuration but a more affordable price. This also means there may be higher-end products in the future, called the VR900 series.

What made a stir is that this is the first VR headset coming our way from Lenovo Group. But this is not surprising if you follow what’s happening around Lenovo. We mean recently Wang Hongxue, chairman of VR industry giant HTC, has become Lenovo’s independent non-executive director. And as HTC has been making VR headsets for many years, this is quite logical.

At the same time, this is also the first VR device for individual consumers launched by Lenovo after turning to enterprise-level VR devices in 2021.

The launch of the Legion VR700 means that Lenovo has once again challenged the personal VR market.

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