Two New Razer Enki Pro Gaming Chairs Announced

Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition and Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition

We know that Razer is a very famous gaming product brand that designs and manufactures not only digital devices but also non-digital devices. For instance, today, the company announced two new editions of the Razer Enki Pro gaming chair. The new products are the Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition and the Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition. These gaming chairs were announced at RazerCon 2021. Generally, the Razer Enki Pro features premium, sustainable Alcantara® upholstery, a dual-density cushioned backrest that includes two different cushion densities, and a magnetic memory foam head cushion.

Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition and Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition

The Razer Enki Pro also comes with a recline dial, and a carbon-fiber finish, and is centered around optimal weight distribution. It has 110-degree shoulder arches, built-in lumbar support to encourage a neutral sitting position, and a 21” ultrawide seat base ensuring long-lasting support during work or play. As gamers spend a lot of time, these features will help them to reduce sitting fatigue.

Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition

Razer has a long-lasting partnership with Williams Esports, which commenced back in 2018. So as the name implies, the Razer Enki Pro Williams Esports Edition comes in the team’s emblematic blue color style. As a key player in the F1 and esports racing scene across nine different racing games, fans of the esports organization now have a throne to represent and support the team. The ultimate gaming chair for all-day comfort will allow players to maintain their perfect form from practice to pole position.

Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition

Koenigsegg is among those brands that always come in with automotive innovations. In this sense, it’s not accidental that the Razer Enki Pro was chosen as the gaming chair for the brand’s official edition. The Razer Enki Pro Koenigsegg Edition is evidence that these two brands are in a deep partnership. At the same time, this gaming chair uses some recognizable elements from the popular Koenigsegg Regera. The chair uses the carmaker’s signature yolk yellow color. There is also the iconic Koenigsegg logo on the front and a shield emblem imprinted on the back.


As you could see, we are talking about premium gaming chairs that have been designed by very popular brands. So it’s logical they will cost correspondingly. Both models cost $1299 USD / €1499 MSRP. Moreover, these two are already available on the official Razer website and RazerStores in selected markets.


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