OPPO Watch 3 Series Will Make Competition To Apple Watch

OPPO Watch 3

Yesterday, OPPO officially issued a statement saying the OPPO Watch 3 is in the works and will hit the market very soon. What’s more interesting, it’s not going to be the next smartwatch from the company, but this will be the world’s first smartwatch to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 wearable platform.

OPPO Watch 3 Specs

Today, the manufacturer brought more details about the forthcoming OPPO Watch 3. For instance, the OPPO Watch 3 series will use a 1.91-inch AMOLED LTPO square dial in appearance. It will also adopt a 3D micro-arc hyperbolic + rotatable crown design.

It will come standard with three major functions: ECG, eSIM, and NFC. Thus, apart from supporting the basic functions of independent networking and virtual wallets, it also adds an electrocardiogram function.

In addition, the OPPO Watch 3 will also come with the new Apollo4 Plus flagship co-processor. The latter not only has higher image display capabilities but also lower power consumption. So this standalone smartwatch could achieve a long battery life of 5 days when used heavily and 15 days when used more lightly.

OPPO Watch 3

According to previous reports, the OPPO Watch 3 series is expected to be released on August 10. It has three models of OWW211/212/213. Prior to this, we heard that it supports eSIM technology with independent eUICC chips. Externally, they will be similar in size to the previous generation, providing black, silver, dark gray, light gold, and other colors. The watch will still run the ColorOS Watch system but the latter will usher in an upgrade.

Qualcomm Snapdragon W5

Getting back to the watch’s biggest selling point, Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 will have a large core and coprocessor using 4nm and 22nm processes, respectively. This is a true move forward when compared with the previous generation’s 12nm+28nm processes. At the same time, the large core is responsible for 5% of the interaction time. It supports Wear OS, AOSP operating systems, and supports Android applications. The coprocessor in its turn is responsible for 95% of the interaction time. It is oriented to the FreeRTOS system and integrates the M55 CPU core, 2.5D GPU, display, audio, and other components to maintain the daily operation of the device. This platform also occupies 30% less space.

Qualcomm Snapdragon W5

As you can see, the upcoming OPPO Watch 3 series will be very powerful in all aspects. So there is every reason to think that this watch will make a tough competition to the Apple Watch.

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