Moto X30 Pro Appearance Shown Through Posters

Moto X30 Pro

We already know that Motorola will hold a new product launch conference on August 2, where the company will announce the much-talked flagship mobile phones. First, it will take wraps off the Moto X30 Pro. Second, the manufacturer will uncover the folding screen flagship namely the Moto Razr 2022. Both will leave the factories with the newly upgraded MyUI 4.0 system.

Moto X30 Pro

Today, the company showed the actual look of the Moto X30 Pro.

The Moto X30 Pro will use a centered single-punch hole design. The screen will be curved, while on the back, it will use a matrix-type triple-camera module. Among the lenses, the primary one will be a 200MP 1/1.22″ ultra-large bottom sensor, which will also support OIS. A Weibo leaker also posted a picture, from which we can see the classic logo of MOTO, as well as the familiar rear lens arrangement.

Moto X30 Pro

From the previous leaks, we know that the Moto X30 Pro will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Plus, there will be three different focal length lenses – 35mm Humane Eye, 50mm Human Eye, and 85mm Portrait Eye. Apart from the 200MP camera, there will also be a 50-megapixel lens and a 12-megapixel lens. The moto X30 Pro will debut the 200MP Samsung HP1 CMOS. The sensor size reaches 1/1.22 inches, which is larger than the bottom of the Sony IMX707 (Sony IMX707 is 1/1.28 inches). Moreover, the moto X30 Pro has added a new self-developed intelligent high-resolution mode, which can also output 50-megapixel high-precision pictures in automatic mode.

Moreover, inside the box, we will find a 125W charger.

Moto X30 Pro battery

As for the screen, the same tipster has disclosed that the handset will sport a 6.67-inch FHD+ resolution 144Hz refresh rate OLED single-hole curved screen. Today, the company executive also said that it will adopt a 53° fully symmetrical hyperbolic design, which may be the most comfortable curved screen phone to look at and hold. In this regard, Chen Jin pointed out that there are two common problems with curved screen mobile phones. One is edge color distortion, and the other is false touch. The Moto X30 Pro uses a 53° curved screen, which effectively solves the above two problems.

In order to solve the problem of false touch on the edge, the Moto X30 Pro makes personalized and precise adjustments to the anti-mistouch area on the edge of the screen according to the user’s usage habits and usage scenarios. In effect, it achieves a balance between anti-mistouch and precise touch and completely solves the problem.

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