EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F Smart Door Lock Is An

EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F

Usually, we do not talk about less-popular Chinese brands but this is not the case. Today, EZVIZ (we guess you haven’t heard about this brand before) held a new product launch conference and launched a new flagship smart door lock – EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F. The name might tell you anything but this is really worth your attention.

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First of all, the EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F has a very simple and atmospheric design. It uses an integrated glass panel on the front and an all-metal middle frame.

EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F

However, the selling point of this smart door lock is not the appearance. The ways it identifies people and unlocks itself is the main advantage.

Top-level Face Detection

In terms of face recognition, the EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F adopts EZVIZ innovative self-developed binocular face recognition module. There are binocular infrared cameras and infrared fill light that can realize 3D detection and deep modeling. It is drawn into a real and unique 3D face mask, which effectively prevents photo and video attacks and brings high security.

The EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F also adopts the environment adaptive image calibration technology. Thus, it will operate not only when there is sufficient light but also when there is no light at night. Plus, no accessories or wearings will prevent the smart door lock to scan people’s faces. We mean daily makeup, wearing glasses, and changing hairstyles won’t affect its performance.

In addition, the recognition range of the EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F is also very wide. For instance, children 1.2 meters no longer need to jump to appear in their viewing range. The same is true for very tall people of 2 meters and higher.

The EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F also comes with a 5.8GHz centimeter wave radar proximity sensor, which can automatically wake up when the user approaches the door lock. There are two levels of sensitivity that can be freely selected. It can unlock before the human hand touches the handle.

Other Specs

At the same time, this smart door lock integrates an electronic doorbell. It also supports a one-key arming button. After leaving home, the arming button is turned on. When the door is opened, the door lock will issue an alarm reminder. You will also get a notification on your mobile phone through the app.

Another important feature of any smart door lock is the battery and endurance. This product comes with a built-in 5000mAh lithium battery. If using the face detection function around 18 times a day, the battery will last for about a year.

However, if it is discharged, there is a common Type-C emergency power supply interface. You can use a power bank or another device with a reverse charging function to charge the door lock. At the same time, it also adopts the structural design of the real mortise, which can effectively prevent violent disassembly and lock picking.

There are two options for the lock body. The standard lock body uses a fully automatic 6068 standard lock body with self-developed fluorite. The fully automatic overlord lock body effectively avoids the problem of door popping caused by the current scissor tongue structure.

Lastly, the EZVIZ Big Dipper Face Lock DL30F has a variety of unlocking methods. In addition to face unlocking, it also supports password unlocking, card unlocking, NFC unlocking, temporary password unlocking, and emergency key unlocking.

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