Will Redmi K50 Ultra Come With 200MP Camera?

Qualcomm promised that the first Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 smartphones will begin to appear on the market in the second half of the year. Now, is the 7th month of the year, and it’s logical that the top brands are launching new handsets with this chip onboard one after another. Redmi is no exception. Today, a well-known Chinese leaker disclosed some news concerning the alleged Redmi K50 Ultra.

Apart from the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, the Redmi K50 Ultra will also support a large battery supporting 100-watt charging, come with a flexible high-refresh-rate screen, an optical under-screen fingerprint, and a 200-megapixel main camera. So it turns out, the upcoming Redmi flagship will provide a premium-class performance in many aspects, including operation, photography, etc.

However, Redmi has always been known for its relatively low prices. Will the Redmi K50 Ultra follow this strategy after adding so many outstanding features? It seems, yes. The price is not going to exceed 4000 yuan ($593).

Redmi K50

Though the blogger didn’t mention these features refer to the Redmi K50 Ultra, when compared with the previous rumors, it looks like either the Motorola Moto X30 Pro or the Redmi K50 Ultra.

Among them, the former Moto X30 Pro will come with a 6.67-inch 144Hz display, a built-in 4500mAh battery, support 125W fast charging, and the rear main camera will use a Samsung ISOCELL HP1 200-megapixel lens.

As for the previous rumors concerning the Redmi K50 Ultra, the screen will have a 2K resolution and support a 120Hz refresh rate. There is a high probability that the fingerprint scanner will be under the screen.

As for fast charging and battery life, since the Xiaomi series has the blessing of the Surge P1 charging chip, it can achieve both large battery and 100-watt fast charging through a single cell, which is very consistent with the 100-watt large battery phrase in the blogger’s post.

But will the Redmi K50 Ultra come with a 200MP camera? We doubt.

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