Huawei To Launch New Smart Screen Products On July 27

Huawei Smart Screen

In a few days, Huawei will hold a new product launch conference. At the event held on July 27, the China-based first-tier tech company will uncover a number of new products, including new smart screens, notebooks, and tablet products. As a reminder, Huawei calls “smart screen” its smart TVs. Honestly, it has almost no differences in comparison to the traditional smart TVs, externally. But as Huawei wants to interconnect all home appliances, its smart screens serve as a hub for them.

Well, after a brief introduction of why Huawei calls TVs smart screens, we have to say that there will be three new products in the line. According to a blogger, they are the Huawei Smart Screen S86 Pro, S55, and S65. The former model will boast of a 4K 120Hz panel. As you understand, it will be capable of providing outstanding viewing performance. Also, the TV will run on the new Harmony OS3 system. Thus, its smart home features will be enhanced a lot. In terms of audio performance, now, there are 6x10W speakers. The storage configuration includes 4GB of RAM and 64GB of native storage. As for the second-generation Smart Screen S55 and S65, they will come only with a 4x10W audio system.

Huawei Smart Screen

Well, as said above apart from these smart screen products, there will be many others from different categories. For instance, the Huawei Free buds Pro 2 headset, the new MateBook X Pro notebook, the new flagship tablet MatePad Pro 11, and the Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro mobile phone will attend the stage as well.

However, for those who follow what an activity Huawei currently realizes, the most noteworthy product is going to be HarmonyOS 3. We wait for more really useful features to come our way from this operating system.

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