Red Magic Launches Gaming Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard And GaN Chargers

Red Magic gaming monitor

Nubia’s gaming product brand Red Magic not only launched the new-gen smartphone series today but also a few other gaming products. They include a gaming monitor, a mechanical keyboard, a gaming mouse, and other products.

Red Magic gaming products

Red Magic Gaming Monitor

The Red Magic Gaming Monitor is the world’s first 27-inch 4K/160Hz refresh rate, MiniLED monitor. It adopts AUO 7.0 second-generation panel and provides a 4K UHD ultra-high definition, and a resolution of 3840×2160.

As said, the biggest highlight of the device is the MiniLED backlight technology. It comes with 2304 lamp beads, 1152 independent partitions, supports HDR1000, and has a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 1 million:1.

Red Magic gaming monitor

It is also the world’s first monitor with its own millimeter-wave wireless projection screen. The Red Magic Gaming Monitor has a 1.7ms ultra-low latency, 30-meter ultra-long-distance projection screen can automatically identify the resolution, and can transmit up to 4K images.

The Red Magic gaming monitor has a multi-function adjustment bracket that supports lifting, pitching, and left-right rotation adjustment. It comes with an HDMI interface, and a Type-C interface, and supports 90W reverse charging.

There are three versions of the Red Magic gaming monitor. In addition to the 4K wireless projection version, there are also the regular 4K version and the 2K version (2560×1440, maximum brightness of 400nit), all of which will be available in September.

Red Magic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The Red Magic gaming mechanical keyboard is the world’s first to use the TTC gaming-grade new axis “Quicksilver”. It adopts a 100-key layout, two-color keycaps, and a detachable shell design. The keyboard provides 16.8 million color RGB lighting effects and supports hot-swapping.

Red Magic gaming keyboard

Also, our protagonist supports wired/2.4G wireless/Bluetooth three-mode connection. Also, this keyboard is the industry’s first to come with an original keyboard and screen display interactive system called “Magic Cloud Intelligent Control”. It adopts the Gasket structure, and there are two new axes, the magic speed axis and the magic axis developed by Red Magic.

Red Magic Gaming Mouse

The Red Magic gaming mouse uses the original 3395 gaming-grade sensors, provides 16.8 million color RGB lighting effects, adopts a lightweight structure, symmetrical design, DPI is 50 to 26000, the maximum moving speed is 650IPS, and uses GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro technology. It has a service life of 80 million times, supports cable/2.4G wireless/Bluetooth three-mode connection, the delay is as low as 1ms, and the power consumption is reduced by 40%.

Red Magic gaming mouse

Both products are available in the Silver Wing version and the Red Devil Ji customized version. They will go on sale in September.

Red Magic Gallium Nitride Chargers

The company announced a few chargers. The main one is the new 100W transparent gallium nitride charger, priced at 259 yuan ($39).

This charger belongs to the Deuterium front energy block series. It adopts a transparent design and has three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. It supports dual-port blind insertion and various mainstream fast charging protocols and is 23% smaller than the iPhone charger in volume.

The 65W three-port gallium nitride charger has a 2C1A three-port design, supports NeoCharger3.0, and is priced at 148 yuan ($22).

This charger has a transparent version, which costs 158 ​​yuan ($24).

Red Magic GaN Charger

Turbo Cooling Back Clip

In addition to the chargers, Red Magic also released the Hornet version of the turbo cooling back clip, priced at 229 yuan ($34). The ordinary version of the heat dissipation back clip is available in deuterium front silver and deuterium front transparent variants.

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