Realme Notebook Air Will Be Ultra-thin And Ultra-Cool

Realme Notebook Air

Like many other traditional smartphone manufacturers, Realme is entering other fields one after another. Currently, this company not only designs smartphones but also smartwatches, headphones, and notebooks. Today, through its Weibo channel, the company promoted the upcoming Realme Notebook Air once again. According to the official introduction, the forthcoming laptop will have flagship-level cooling.

The Realme Notebook Air will use a game-grade ice-sealed VC liquid cooling for heat dissipation. The performance release is 29.8% higher than that of the previous generation. From the preheating poster, we can see that the notebook adopts a dual-fan design.

Realme Notebook Air

We also know that the side frame width of the Realme Notebook Air is only 4.9mm, which is 4mm narrower than the side frame of the MacBook Air M1 version.

In terms of colors, the notebook will be available in star gray and sea salt blue. Among them, the sea salt blue model has a checkerboard design on the top. Previously, we see something like this on the Realme Q5 series of smartphones. It added brand’s recognition rate a lot.

Realme Notebook Air

You can also see the dual USB-C interface and 3.5mm audio interface on the left, and the dual USB-A interface on the right.

Realme has already managed to launch three notebooks. They all come with 11th generation Core processors and 2K full screens. So there is every reason to think that the upcoming Realme Notebook Air will sport Intel’s latest 12th-generation processors, and the screen should also be upgraded accordingly.

Recently, Xiaomi launched its first 4K screen notebook. So if Realme wants to make competition to Xiaomi and other similar brands, it must bring higher-res displays to its laptops.

Realme Notebook Air

Finally, as for the price, the Realme Notebook Air should be in the 4000-yuan price range ($597). The new Realme laptops are expected to hit the market on July 12 along with the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition smartphone. But there could be many other products as well.

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