OnePlus Will Make The Nord Brand Independent

OnePlus and the Nord brand

We see how smartphone makers copy their competitors’ strategies. For instance, initially, they have been running a dual-brand strategy. Thus, they have had one “main” brand and one “secondary” brand. All “good” creations were sent to the main brands, while the secondary brands were launching only cost-effective models. There are myriads of examples: Huawei – Honor; Xiaomi – Redmi; VIVO – iQOO; OPPO – Realme; OnePlus – Nord, etc. However, nothing lasts forever. As for business, the managers have to make adjustments to stay afloat. As a result, Huawei separated Honor to remain in the smartphone market; Xiaomi made Redmi independent not to be associated with cheap smartphones and entered the premium market. And now, it seems that OnePlus is going to make Nord an independent brand.

OnePlus Frees The Nord Brand

In fact, OnePlus has launched the Nord series two years ago. It has been focusing on the international markets only. Due to this strategy, OnePlus could capture big market shares in many regions and countries. Though it launches only low-end and mid-range models, no one can say that it won’t release premium models in the future.

OnePlus and the Nord brand

Sources from The Mobile Indian say OnePlus is considering a spinoff of Nord, similar to Xiaomi’s relationship with POCO. The sources prove that Nord will operate as a separate entity in the future. Moreover, it will have its own team. Of course, the company will make minor changes. For instance, the new Nord brand will replace its current trademark color with a lighter blue.

Interestingly, in the future, it will also remove the OnePlus brand from its name. But we guess there will be something like “from OnePlus” or “OnePlus brand”.

As you understand, the Nord brand will further expand its cost-effective mobile phone market. It will be segmented specifically for slightly more expensive and slightly cheaper markets, with pricing ranging from 15,000 rupees ($190) to 35,000 rupees ($443).

Beyond that, Nord could expand its product range to include smart TVs, fitness trackers, smartwatches, TWS headphones, power banks, and other accessories. By the way, the Nord brand has already launched the Nord Buds headphones.

As for phones, future Nord phones will run the custom OxygenOS system.

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