Xiaomi HomeWiFi, A Tri-band WiFi6 Distributed Router Launched

Xiaomi has a wide range of WiFi routers. But what it launched today can be considered as the king of all routers it is offering. The company released the Xiaomi HomeWiFi, a tri-band WiFi6 distributed router. This is a Mesh router for large villas. The set (2 pieces) is priced at 1499 yuan ($224).

This product comes with a three-band mesh and is capable of providing villa-level signal coverage. The rest of the features it boasts of include a Bluetooth mesh gateway, 2.5G high-speed network port, 0-step automatic networking, and many more.

Xiaomi HomeWiFi

The Xiaomi HomeWiFi supports Xiaomi’s latest self-developed Mesh technology, networking up to 10 devices, and mixing with other Xiaomi/Redmi WiFi6 routers.

The cumulative acceleration rate of the two routers is: 574Mbps*2 (2.4GHz) + 2402Mbps*2 (5GHz-1) + 2882Mbps*2 (5GHz-2) = 11716Mbps.

At the same time, it also supports opening the backhaul frequency band for daily use. It adds a 5.8GHz high-speed frequency band for Mesh backhaul. In effect, the theoretical rate can reach 2882Mbps. So the network will no longer occupy the device’s Internet access rate. Compared with the dual-band networking rate, the speed is increased by 50%+.

As for the wired connection, it has a 2.5G network port, which supports up to 2500M broadband access. It not only meets the needs of future broadband upgrades but also supports dual-LAN aggregation. The latter doubles the intranet transmission rate and meets the demand for professional-grade network speed.

Xiaomi HomeWiFi ports

In terms of performance, the router is equipped with a Qualcomm IPQ5018 chip and 512MB of RAM. There are built-in antennas (4 single-band Wi-Fi antennas + 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas + 1 Bluetooth antenna + 1 NFC antenna) and 8 high-power signal amplifiers. As a result, the signal area coverage can reach 350㎡.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi HomeWiFi has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which supports the access of 200 Bluetooth devices. So various Bluetooth devices such as door locks, temperature, and humidity meters, and sensors can be connected to the whole smart house system.

Lastly, our protagonist comes with NFC support. As long as an NFC-enabled Android phone is close to the top of the router, it can access the network without a single touch.

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