Huawei Tag (Anti-Lost Wizard) Costs Half Of Apple AirTag

Huawei tag

The Apple AirTag is a very useful product. Of course, it’s used by bad actors for car theft and other goals, this product serves the cause. Moreover, the second generation with longer battery life and a few improved features is on the road. But would you buy it or look for other models? Today, at its new product launch conference, Huawei released not only many smartphones and smartwatches but also the Huawei Tag (Anti-lost wizard), priced at 99 yuan ($15).

Huawei tag

The HUAWEI Tag is very thin and light, only 5.6mm thick, and weighs 6g. Although the shape is small, the battery life is not short. It has a long battery life of more than one year and has an IP68 dustproof and waterproof rating.

Huawei tag

This product also has near-field finding technology, with a maximum 92-decibel bell reminder, which can accurately find its location based on the sound. There is also the quick reminder mode.

If the HUAWEI Tag is far away, you have no reason to worry about a thing. There are hundreds of millions of Huawei devices that can help you find it. However, the product also attaches great importance to privacy protection. Tag’s location information is encrypted. It has two-way anonymity, and unfamiliar tags will trigger security reminders if they follow them for a long time.

In addition, the HUAWEI Tag can obtain the owner’s contact information through NFC induction in lost mode.

The Huawei Tag costs half of the Apple AirTag. But these two have basically the same functions. Moreover, if you decide to buy the HUAWEI Tag four-piece set, it will cost only 299 yuan ($45). The leather keychain costs 69 yuan ($10). The new product will officially start shipping on July 30.

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