Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 To Sport Self-developed Pressure-Sensitive Touchpad

In a few days, Xiaomi will launch not only the Xiaomi Mi 12S series of smartphones but also a number of other products, including the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro smartwatch, a new router, and the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 flagship laptop. Today, the company shared some worthy information concerning the latter.

It turns out our protagonist will have a self-developed pressure-sensitive touchpad. Compared with the traditional mechanical button touchpad, the action area of ​​the touchpad is increased by about 30%.

Generally talking, the pressure-sensitive touchpad has been well received by many users since it was installed on the MacBook in 2015. Due to it, the touch experience has been greatly improved.

According to the official introduction, the Xiaomi pressure-sensitive touchpad is accurate, smooth, and easy to operate. It adopts an advanced capacitive touch design, and the pointer can still achieve the same feel and precise positioning under fast sliding. So it will provide the same effect as the mouse. With touchpad gestures, you can quickly realize operations such as two-finger zooming or multi-finger switching between applications and desktops.

Not only that, the Xiaomi pressure-sensitive touchpad adopts an integrated pressure-sensitive design, using a pressure sensor + vibration motor to replace the traditional mechanical buttons.

More importantly, Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 is the first notebook to use an ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor. The motor volume reaches an astonishing 560 cubic millimeters, has a 50Hz-500Hz wide-band vibration, and can achieve a 5ms fast response.

After hundreds of waveform adjustments, the Xiaomi pressure-sensitive touchpad has an excellent sense of pressing paragraphs.

At the same time, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will support a 3D space color correction. Thus, this will be the first laptop with the mentioned feature. It is expected that ΔE will be less than 1.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022

Prior to this, we learned that the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022 will use a 4K resolution OLED screen. Also, it will use the CNC integrated carving process. Thanks to the technological breakthrough, the thickness of the body is 14.9mm.

Another selling point of this laptop is going to be Dolby Vision, which adjusts color and brightness frame by frame.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 2022

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