Samsung Odyssey Ark Monitor Goes On Sale In August

Samsung Odyssey Ark Sale In August

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced its massive 55-inch curved gaming monitor called the Odyssey Ark. While we haven’t heard much about it since then, new reports suggest the new Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor goes on sale in August.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Sale In August

Samsung Odyssey Ark has reportedly gone through a number of certification programs that must be completed before it goes on sale, and appeared at the Korea Radio Research Institute and Energy Agency a few weeks ago.

Specifications of the Samsung Odyssey Ark

This Curved Monitor does not look for the first 3 models of the series with its features. The monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 5150 (can be 4K) uses a VA-type panel that offers a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. Although it is a common aspect ratio of 16:9, its 55-inch size is actually sufficient on its own instead of 2-3 different monitors.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Sale In August

With the stand, it has dimensions of 1147.6 x 537.2 x 416.4 mm and a weight of 16.7 kg, while alone it has dimensions of 1147.6 x 363.5 x 291.0 mm and a weight of 14.1 kg. In addition, the curvature of the screen is 1000R.

The device with HDR support can go up to the highest brightness of 600 nits. When we look at the panel type, we see that it is specified as QLED Dual QHD IPS. On the power consumption side, it is said that it can go up to 140W at the highest.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Sale In August

The leaks that emerged in the past period said that Samsung Odyssey Ark will come with 2K support, not 4K like the Neo G8 model. Many people insist that a monitor with huge dimensions such as 55 inches and to be used at close range should be 4K. However, while noting that there is no certainty about this for now, let’s say that it is expected to come with 4K.

Price of this Curved Monitor

Considering that the latest Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 costs around $2500, we assume this larger variant could cost a similar price. However, we are not sure if it has the same MiniLED technology and 240Hz refresh rate. Anyway, the Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor is going to be huge, and expensive, and I want one.

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