OPPO Watch 3 And OPPO Band 2 Details Leaked

OPPO Watch 2

The smart wearables field is an additional direction for income for the traditional smartphone makers. Also, they can offer more products in their stores. For instance, when a customer wants to buy a smartphone, the company can also suggest TWS headsets, smartbands, smartwatches, etc. It will be a win-win deal for both parties. This is the main reason why smartphone manufacturers are actively working on smartwatches. OPPO is no exception. Today, we learned about its upcoming product, codenamed Ultron. The latter is going to be the OPPO Watch 3.

As a Weibo tipster said, the OPPO Watch 3 series will boast of long battery life. The series will include three models: OWW211/212/213. They all will come with a high screen-to-body ratio and a micro-arc square dial design. The watches will be available in black, silver, dark gray, and light gold.

At the same time, the same blogger said that the company is also working on a fitness tracker dubbed the OPPO Band 2 with a model OBB211. The latter will have two color variants of black and blue, support NFC, blood oxygen movement monitoring, etc.

Both are on the way and ought to hit the market as soon as the next few months.

OPPO Watch 2 Specs

As a reference, OPPO’s flagship smartwatch OPPO Watch 2 series was out in July 2021. It’s a standalone smartwatch supporting eSIM connectivity. Also, the watch comes with 100+ sports tracking modes. At the same time, it has a dual-core dual-system configuration and provides two modes of full intelligence and light intelligence.

The OPPO Watch 2 46mm uses a hyperboloid flexible screen with narrow bezels. The whole series has a 326 PPI pixel density. The 46mm version has a screen resolution of 402 × 476, and the 42mm version has a screen resolution of 372 × 430.

OPPO Watch 2

In terms of selling points, the OPPO Watch 2 series uses UDDE dual-engine hybrid technology, with a continuous battery life of 4 days. There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip inside and an Apollo 4s dual-chip jointly developed with Ambiq.

OPPO Health Lab has developed a professional skiing algorithm, which can record more than 10 kinds of data. They include sliding distance, speed, slope, altitude, trajectory, and others in addition to exercise heart rate and calorie consumption monitoring.

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