Samsung Galaxy Z Fol4 To Have A 1TB Variant

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

On August 10, the South Korean tech giant will hold a global new product launch conference. At the event, it is expected to uncover the next-gen folding screen flagship phones in face of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4.

There have been many leaks concerning both the design and the specs of the upcoming models. So it has been though nothing new can be discovered before the launch. But today, a tipster found evidence that the Korean version of the Galaxy Z Fold4 will have a 1TB variant. Honestly, we have heard about this much earlier but there has been no confirmation. There is no hint whether the global model will have a similar version or it’s exclusive to the local market.

The maximum storage space of the previous Fold3 is only 512GB, and there is no micro SD card slot to expand the storage. Though this is a common practice for current flagship Android phones, many users were complaining about this, saying they need more storage space.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 will be the first Snapdragon 8+ flagship with 1TB of storage.

However, as the storage capacity increases, the price of the Fold4 will inevitably arise, and it is expected to reach $1,999.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 will also be equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Thus, it will reach the ceiling of the performance in the Android camp. There is also a 7.6-inch inner screen and a 6.2-inch outer screen, both supporting a 120Hz refresh rate. The inner screen still uses an off-screen camera.

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In addition, according to the latest leaked pictures, the crease of the Galaxy Z Fold4 is obviously much shallower than that of the current Galaxy Z Fold3, and the hinge and screen parts will be upgraded.

As you can see the Galaxy Z Fold4 will be a true beast. But we are sure that more surprises will meet with us at the conference.

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