The World’s First Cloud Computer ZTE W600D Released

Yesterday, one of the well-known China-based first-tier tech companies held the ZTE Cloud Network Ecological Summit. Apart from talking about various topics and introducing various products, the manufacturer unleashed the industry’s first notebook cloud computer, namely the ZTE W600D.


According to the official introduction, the ZTE W600D cloud computer is very simple in terms of design and is portable. However, at the same time, it is capable of providing strong performance, and it also boasts of safety and reliability. As for the materials, the body of the computer uses low carbon and is ideal in terms of environmental protection.


Its selling point is that the ZTE W600D will provide “cloud” resources on demand. Therefore, its features such as CPU, GPU, memory, and storage can be flexibly adjusted to meet application requirements such as R&D programming, video playback, 3D graphics rendering, and online games.

Another advantage of such a computer is that it doesn’t belong to a concrete user. The ZTE W600D can serve as a corporate public terminal so that different employees can log in to their personal desk by scanning the code. When operating as a family terminal, it can meet the needs of different family members for online learning and home entertainment.

Its body adopts a silver matte shell. The thickness of the whole machine is 13.9mm, whereas the net weight is 1.25kg. There is also a 14-inch display, a full-size keyboard, and a high-definition camera. Our protagonist supports automatic sleep technology as well as all-weather standby.

As said has previously said, the ZTE W600D cloud computer will be an epoch-making computer. It will break the boundaries of computing power, have a slim body, etc.

Back on March 11 this year, ZTE launched a cloud computer namely the ZTE W100D. It is small in size. Its built-in Bluetooth/WiFi module allows users to access the cloud desktop system. It also has an HDMI interface output and uses a Type-C interface for power supply. ZTE Cloud Computer W100D claims to be able to adaptively control the desktop bit rate within the bandwidth range of 100Kbps~20Mbps.

In this regard, the ZTE W600D cloud computer adopts a notebook design.

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