Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Coming Later This Year

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Previously, Samsung was launching not only flagship devices in the second half of the year but also a smartband. However, in 2021, it didn’t happen, and the company skipped the third generation of its fitness tracker. This is going to be fixed this year. And in August (or in the coming months), the company will hold a big event to announce various flagship models, including new smartphones, smartwatches, and what it has missed last year – the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3. It’s been two years since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, and we guess the brand fans have been eagerly waiting for this product.

Well, everything seems to be more than official. The official community manager for the Galaxy Fit has answered the question concerning the launch date of the Galaxy Fit 3. And he said that it’s in the works and will hit the market quite soon.

As you know, community managers only provide answers if they are satisfied or accurate. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 will be announced sooner than expected. We mean its release in the second half of the year is out of doubt. However, when saying the second half of the year, we should also think of the late-year conference, where the company ought to announce the Galaxy S23 series phones.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3

Anyway, another user asked for the price of the next smart band. And though the community managed didn’t answer it, another user said it should cost 49,000 to 50,000 won (around $39) in South Korea. However, Samsung might make adjustments in the pricing, and at the launch, the smartband might cost more or less.

Currently, there are many top-end fitness trackers that perform quite well. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, Fitbit Charge 5, and Garmin Vivosmart 5 offer many functions and do not cost much. So Samsung has to bring more useful features in order to make competition. If the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 lacks SpO2, an always-on display, GPS, a larger display, and a bigger battery, it will appear out of the competition for sure.


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