Apple M2 Max Will Have up to 12 CPU Cores and 38 GPU Cores

Apple M2 Max Specifications

Just a few days ago the long-awaited Apple M2 finally saw the light, and as incredible as it may seem, we are already talking about the Apple M2 Max, which will be the successor to the M1 Max. And today, its possible details have already been commented, even though there are still months for the official announcement.

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the Apple M2 Max chip will equip the most powerful versions of the new MacBook Pro, offering up to 12 cores CPU and up to 38 GPU cores.

Apple M2 Max Specifications

The jump is modest from the maximum configuration of 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores present in the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s M1 Max. However, manufacturing 3 nanometers should result in significant advances when compared to current 5-nanometer chips.

Such a change will allow more transistors to be condensed into a smaller space, decreasing the space between circuits and, as a consequence, offering higher speed, superior performance, and lower power consumption.

Mass production of the Apple M2 Max

Apple M2 Max Specifications

Forecasts suggest that TSMC will start mass production of the Apple M2 Max at the end of this year, in the fourth quarter, so we could expect the debut of the first devices equipped with it (possibly MacBook Pro) between the beginning and the middle of the next year, between April and May. This would make sense since approximately the one-year period that also separated the arrival of the Apple M1 from that of the Apple M1 Max would be maintained.

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