Philips Launched 2.5K Resolution Monitor For Office Tasks

Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE

Earlier this month, Philips launched two new gaming monitors of the Momentum series. Now, the company brings two “work and play” displays, namely the Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE. They adopt a well-thought-out design and ought to be ideal for office tasks.

As the model numbers suggest, these two differ in terms of screen size. However, what is more important, they differ in terms of resolutions. The Philips 27E1N5600HE sports a 27-inch (68.6 cm) IPS panel and provides a QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). At the same time, the Philips 24E1N5300HE is 23.8 inches diagonally and has a Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

But there are many features that are identical in both models. “The Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE monitors are an ideal choice for those who want it all – and in a clean design,” reveals Artem Khomenko, senior product manager Europe at MMD Monitors & Displays.

For instance, these two have a refresh rate of 75Hz, a response time of 4ms, and 1 MS MPRT. The brightness is 300 cd/m², and the contrast ratio is a typical 1,000:1. Unfortunately, none of them comes with a DisplayHDR certification.

Due to the AMD FreeSync technology, the Philips 24E1N5300HE can provide better picture quality when playing games. However, it seems the Philips 27E1N5600HE doesn’t support it and only comes with Adaptive Sync. Furthermore, both displays offer SmartImage gaming image optimization.

Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE

Of course, these two have a couple of eye protection features, such as LowBlue mode and the FlickerFree technology.

We’d like to mention that the Philips 27E1N5600HE and 24E1N5300HE come with high viewing angle of 178 degrees from all directions. Plus, they have the Compact Ergo stand. So you can position them in the way you want.

These monitors will go on sale in mid-June 2022. The 27E1N5600HE costs €439.00, whereas the 24E1N5300HE is €329.00.


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