Xiaomi Patents a Magnetic Pop-Up Camera Module

Do you remember that Xiaomi had previously launched Redmi K20 | Xiaomi Mi 9T phones? I’ll help you a little. These phones first had a pop-up selfie camera popping out of the house But Xiaomi did not rule out this possibility, as it will only really be a full screen.

Xiaomi has not forgotten to apply this, just back to today’s technology. Anno was also solved with an electric motor, spindle, and spring:

Xiaomi Patents a Magnetic Pop-Up Camera Module

However, in the new patent, there will be almost no moving parts, but they will be used to move the unit with magnets. The pop-up camera module comprises a module housing, a camera housing, n coils, a first magnet, and a second magnet, where n is an integer greater than 1.

The module housing is provided with a protruding hole for the camera housing, and the inner part above the camera housing is provided with a camera. N coils are arranged in parallel and axially surround the outer wall below the camera housing. The first magnet and the second magnet are housed in the module housing, and the n coils are located in the first between the magnet and the second magnet.

The wording of the patent may be a bit confusing. But the point is that there is a permanent magnet on the bottom of the camera module and an electromagnet next to it in the housing. The electromagnet will move the camera module down and up. You have to imagine something like the shoulder button on the back of the Redmi / Poco Gamer.

At present, mobile phones equipped with pop-up cameras are not ideal in terms of weight, and the complex mechanical structure and large space are also problems to be solved. Xiaomi’s patent claims that it “not only reduces the complexity of the pop-up camera module structure but also saves space”, which is expected to bring new vitality to the pop-up camera phone.

When Xiaomi will use this new extraction method

At the moment, we do not know if and when Xiaomi will use this new extraction method. Only time will tell.

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