Sharp Launched AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV With Advanced Technologies

Sharp QUOS XLED F8 mini LED TV

Mini LED technology is gaining momentum. For instance, many products of Apple will be using this technology in the near future. Moreover, according to various estimations, the Cupertino-based company will dominate in the field. But this doesn’t mean only the American company will be using it. For instance, today, the Japanese Sharp released a new product powered by it. We are talking about the AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV, which provides a 4K viewing experience, has a 120Hz refresh rate, is 65 inches diagonally, and costs 16,999 yuan ($2542). Yes, it’s not a cheap technology and won’t appear on all possible devices but only on flagship models. However, soon, we guess it will become more mature and it will power even mid-range models.

Sharp QUOS XLED F8 mini LED TV

This series of TVs uses the next-generation large-screen display technology AQUOS XLED. As the manufacturer proves, the new TV uses active Active Mini LED technology. The new product has 2160 backlight partitions. Compared with traditional LCD TVs, the peak brightness is 3 times higher, up to 1800nits. At the same time, the new Sharp quantum dot wide color gamut technology can restore the purest red, green and blue primary colors.

The AQUOS XLED boasts the new Flare Brightness technology, which analyzes the brightness of the adjacent area. So it is capable of making the junction of the dark field and the bright field pure and distinct.

In terms of configuration, this TV uses a new generation of Magic Dali S2X chip. The latter is paired with 4GB memory and 128GB native storage. Also, as said above, the AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV supports full-channel 120Hz, 120Hz high refresh rate, 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, and 120Hz chip analysis. Thus, this is a “quad-120Hz” large-screen product.

As for audio, the AQUOS XLED F8 Mini LED TV comes with a new ARSS + surround sound system with 11 sound generating units.

The manufacturer didn’t disclose any details about response times or viewing angles. That’s why we can’t say how well-suited the TV will be for gaming. However, the selling point of the XLED F8 is the use of Mini LED tech. Many experts think it’s the best combination of IPS’ high brightness and OLED’s better contrast and dimming capabilities.


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