Xiaomi F2 Fire TV Released In UK, Starting At £339

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV

Android running smartphones have no rivals around the globe. We mean the vast majority of smartphones in the world adopt Google’s operating system. The rest run iOS, haha. Well, Google has been trying to reach such dominance in the TV segment as well. For this purpose, it announced back in 2020 that if manufacturers want to use Google Play and its apps and services, they can’t design any competing product running Android TV. This was the main reason why many manufacturers switched to Amazon’s Fire TV. And today, we learned that in the UK, the Fire TV ecosystem has become a bit bigger due to the newly announced Xiaomi F2 Fire TV.

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The Xiaomi F2 Fire TV is available for purchase in the UK. There are three sizes to choose from – 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch. Moreover, during the first week, there is a special discount. The smallest-size version is sold for just £339 initially. Agree that for this price, the Xiaomi TVs look quite attractive.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV

Of course, these TVs provide a 4K resolution. Plus, the Xiaomi F2 Fire TV supports HDR10. In terms of connectivity, there are up to four HDMI 2.1 ports as well as built-in Bluetooth and USB. The display panel also boasts 90% DCI-P3 color and a 6ms response time. Thus, these TVs can be considered good options for gamers. However, it’s limited to 60 FPS.

However, the selling point of the Xiaomi F2 Fire TV is the system. Plus, no need to have an Amazon account to use all the goodies like Alexa. The memory capacity is 2GB, while the native storage is 16GB.

Lastly, when the discount period is over, the lowest model will cost £399 and the 55-inch variant will be available for £499.


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