Xiaomi Flip Clamshell Smartphone Patent Images Leaked

With the Xiaomi Mi 10, the China-based first-tier tech company showed its intentions in the premium smartphone field. After the mentioned model, the manufacturer also released the Mi 11 and Mi 12 line handsets that helped the firm make a name in the segment. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra and the MIX Fold 2 should make Xiaomi one of the most attractive names in the niche. Thus, this company is actively working on all kinds of premium smartphones that are in a high-demand. We mean the Mi 12 Ultra will challenge all flat-screen flagship models on the globe, including the iPhone, whereas the MIX Fold 2 will throw a glow to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But what about the clamshell smartphones? There have been tons of rumors concerning the first Xiaomi clamshell device, namely the Xiaomi Flip. Today, we got some patent renders that could refer to this model.

Xiaomi Flip

Before we get into details, you should know that there is no official word coming our way from the brand itself. And everything we write in this article is just our assumptions. Anyway, patented images of the alleged Xiaomi Flip have surfaced on the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) website.

As you understand, the Xiaomi Flip will challenge the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Motorola Razr smartphones. If Apple releases its own foldable phone, it ought to have the same clamshell design. Thus, the Xiaomi foldable handset will make competition for it as well.

Xiaomi Flip

Nevertheless, the patent images show that the assumed Xiaomi Flip will come with a horizontal stripe on the back. This is almost identical to what the Google Pixel 6 series stands out with.

There are three circular cutouts. We guess one of them is for the LED flashlight. So the handset is expected to come with a dual-camera

Moreover, we can see that the power button and the volume rockers are on the right side of the frame. The USB Type-C port, a speaker grille, and the SIM tray are placed on the bottom side. Interestingly, there is no opening for the front camera on the screen. In this regard, we can assume that the Xiaomi Flip will use an under-screen camera, firstly introduced in the MIX Fold.


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