Xiaomi Launches Mijia Water Purifier 1200G At 2499 Yuan ($373)

Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 1200G

In all those areas where water quality and clarity are a problem, people have to use special equipment. In China (and not only), it’s also a true problem, and people have to buy additional devices that will take the responsibility for the mentioned functions. Xiaomi is among them. In its assortment, you can find myriads of products from the category of water purifiers. Today, the manufacturer released another model, namely the Mijia Water Purifier 1200G. As the name implies, it comes with a 1200G ultra-large flux, 5-year free RO filter replacement, and is available for 2499 yuan ($373).

The Mijia Water Purifier 1200G adopts a 1200G ultra-large flux design, with a water output speed of 3.2 L/min. Thus, it can fill a 150mL water cup in 3 seconds. So this is an ideal product for a multi-member family. The ratio of pure wastewater can reach 2:1 when the water quality is poor.

It adopts dual-core 6-stage fine filtration, which can effectively filter rust, heavy metals, bacteria, and other harmful substances in tap water, and purify it deeply.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 1200G

It is worth mentioning that the imported RO reverse osmosis filter element can be replaced within 5 years. The price of the imported RO filter element is 1099 yuan ($164), while the PPC filter element is 219 yuan ($33). The recommended replacement period is no more than 2 years. Therefore, we can write down that the Mijia Water Purifier 1200G is a perfect product in terms of savings.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier 1200G

After the Mijia Water Purifier 1200G stops using water for a period of time, it will enter the automatic flushing mode, and the filtered pure water will flow back to the RO membrane to flush the RO membrane and replace the concentrated water deposited in the filter element. This will help to prevent the forward osmosis of the concentrated water and reduce the TDS value of the head effluent.

In other aspects, the water purifier sports an OLED smart display faucet, which supports a TDS value display, fault alarm, and filter replacement notification. Through the Mijia app, you can control the water consumption in real-time and understand the service life of the filter element.

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