Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 Coming Around August

Xiaomi Mi Pad 6

Though there was a long pause between the Mi Pad 4 and the Mi pad 5, the category is resurrected. COVID-2019 has had a big role in it. So as long the virus exists, tablets and similar products will be actual. This also means it’s the right time for the next-gen Xiaomi tablet, which should be called the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6. According to XiaomiUI, the product has been already certified and is likely to hit the market in August.

At the moment, not that much is known about the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6. But as it has managed to pass through the certification of the Eurasian Economic Union, some info can be grabbed from there.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 6

For instance, the model number of the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 is “22081283G“. For an average reader, this number won’t mean anything. So let’s try explaining it. The first 4 digits (2208) in the model numbers of Xiaomi phones imply the approximate release date of the device. Roughly, it will hit the stores on August 22. But as you understand, the launch date might vary because of various reasons and factors.

Let’s go on. The model number mentions “1283”. L83 (12 being the 12th letter in the alphabet. Thus, the factory codename would be L83). On the market, we can find a Redmi tablet with model number L81A and codenamed dagu. The L81A is going to be the low-spec version of the L81. Therefore, there should be another tablet with the model number L81. With this, we want to say that there are two tablets coming our way from Xiaomi – L81 and L83. Thus, there should be another tablet between these two, L82.

Wrapping up, we can say that Xiaomi is going to uncover at least 4 tablets this year. If nothing accidental happens, they should correspond to the Redmi Pad (L81A), the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 Pro, and the Xiaomi Mi Pad 6 Pro 5G. As for the latter three, they should sport MediaTek chips instead of Qualcomm chips. But we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a top-end Qualcomm chip on the higher version.

Moreover, we think that two out of four will meet with us as soon as this year. The rest two will be launched later.

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