The Company’s First Xiaomi Laser Printer K200 Announced

Xiaomi Laser Printer K200

Xiaomi doesn’t launch office products too frequently. But in its assortment, you can find various gadgets for this purpose. For instance, today, the manufacturer released a brand new printer, namely the Xiaomi K200 Laser Printer All-in-One. Interestingly, this is Xiaomi’s first laser printer. The original price of the printer is 1499 yuan ($225).

Xiaomi Laser Printer K200

The Xiaomi laser printer K200 has a built-in NFC chip. Due to it, the printer supports quick operations such as one-touch linking and one-touch printing, as well as three-in-one copying and scanning.

Xiaomi Laser Printer K200

Specifically, the new product not only supports a USB connection but also can complete fast distribution network connection through the Mijia app or Mi Printing app. It supports wireless connection with multiple terminal platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Apart from this, the Air Tap touch transfer support allows the device to support a one-touch connection and one-touch printing. When connecting for the first time, you only have to keep close the mobile phone to the NFC chip sensing area. Once done, it will pop up the Mijia app download page.

After the device is added, the fit sensing area directly evokes the printer application page. So if using an Android phone to open the document, you only need to bring it closer to the NFC chip sensing area to print.

The Xiaomi Laser Printer K200 also supports remote printing on different networks. The mobile phone and the printer do not need to be connected to the same local area network. Thus, you can even print not being in the same room.

In addition, the Xiaomi laser printer K200 also supports drag-and-drop printing of Xiaomi Print Web Edition. Thus, without installing a driver, drag and drop the file to the identification bar of Xiaomi Print Web Edition to start printing.

The printer uses a toner separation structure, which supports the separate replacement of the toner cartridge. The latter saves the cost of consumables, and the slide-rail drawer design can be installed with a single pull.

The pre-installed toner can reach 4,000 pages of print volume, and the toner cartridge supports 8,000 pages of print volume.

The Xiaomi laser printer K200 supports color document scanning. Due to the intelligent algorithm and a floating scanning cover, it can scan color documents of a certain thickness.

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