Xiaomi Launches Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L At 399 Yuan ($60)

Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

We know Xiaomi has a wide range of kitchen products. Today, a new model was added to its assortment. Particularly, earlier today, the company released the new Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L. Of course, it will go on crowdfunding at a price of 399 yuan ($60). Our protagonist supports air frying, baking, fermentation, and other functions.

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The Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L adopts 360° hot air circulation heating to make the heating more uniform. It has a built-in 1200W light wave tube, which has a fast-heating speed and a lower energy consumption.

In order to facilitate cooking, the air fryer supports connecting to Xiao Ai voice assistant. So you can free your hands by telling instructions through voice commands. For instance, you can ask about the remaining time of the air fryer.

As a highlight, the Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L has a wide range of 40-200°C and precise temperature control. It can not only air fry at a high temperature, but also ferment, thaw, and bake dried fruits and vegetables and dried meat. It integrates an oven and a yogurt machine and other home appliances functions in one.

The company said when users choose the low-temperature gear mode, the motor speed is 1800 (±150) rpm. This is suitable for drying foods and vegetables; the high-temperature gear motor speed is 2600 (±150) rpm, which can be used to make steaks, egg tarts, French fries, chicken wings, and other foods.

It is worth mentioning that the Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L supports operation control via the Mijia app. The latter offers more than 50 smart recipes that allow the oven to make the food itself.

In terms of safety, it adopts a seven-layer composite pot basket and double-layer PTFE food contact grade non-stick coating. It is way more wear-resistant and easy to clean while ensuring health.

In other aspects, the Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L has an OLED interactive screen, a safety net that supports power outages, and adopts a rear cooling air outlet design.

Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

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