UK Smartpone Market Doesn’t Recognize Other Brands Than Apple And Samsung

UK smartphone market

A report shared by Francisco Jeronimo, vice president of global data analysis agency IDC, shows that in the first quarter of 2022, the UK smartphone market grew by 3.1% year-on-year to 4,95 million units.

Among them, Apple and Samsung handed in 48.4% of sales and 31.9% of sales. This means that one in every two smartphones sold in the country is likely to be an iPhone, and one in every three phones is a Galaxy phone. Interestingly, Google appeared in the top 5 of the UK market for the first time.

Apple and Samsung are still leading the UK market, with shipments of 2.3931 million and 1.5761 million units in this quarter, while Google shipped about 163,900 units in the first quarter of 2022; Nokia shipped 210,700 units, and OPPO shipped 205,900 units.

Pixel Notepad

Without the Pixel 5a and the discontinued Pixel 4a, Google has grown more than 220% in the UK due to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

However, the most interesting part of this report is that Nokia ranked third. This means that Nokia’s parent company, HMD has adopted a strategy of capturing select markets one after another. And it seems the UK is in the first position on the list. In this regard, the announcement of the X series and better engagement of the UK marketing team got them 4.3% of the smartphone market share. As said, Nokia Mobile managed to ship over 210K models in Q1, which is 100K more than the year before.

However, Nokia should be careful because OPPO is breathing on its neck. We mean the gap between these two is not too large. OPPO has almost similar shipment numbers and a market share of 4.2%.

Pixels becoming more visible in the UK is not a surprise, but the success of pixels reminds me of the early beginnings of One Plus which had a similar strategy of bringing one, or two phones per year.

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