VIVO S15 / Pro Announced, Starting At 2699 yuan ($402) / 3399 yuan ($551)

Later today, VIVO held a new product launch event and uncovered two smartphones, dubbed the VIVO S15 and the S15 Pro. The former model starts at 2699 yuan, while its sibling starts at 3399 yuan. They are already available for pre-order and will start shipping on May 27.

VIVO S15 Series Prices


  • 8GB+128GB – 2699 yuan ($402)
  • 8GB+256GB – 2999 yuan ($447)
  • 12GB+256GB – 3299 yuan ($491)

VIVO S15 Pro

  • 8GB+256GB – 3399 yuan ($506)
  • 12GB+256GB – 3699 yuan ($551)

VIVO S15 price VIVO S15 Pro price

VIVO S15 Specs

The VIVO S15 is available in three colors, namely Midsummer, Light Gold, and Shiny Black.

One of the biggest highlights of the VIVO S15 is Samsung’s 120Hz super-sensing screen, with a local peak brightness of up to 1300 nits, cinema-level P3 color gamut coverage, and professional-level color calibration.

Inside, the base version hosts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Peak Edition. It has been tuned by VIVO for more advanced performance. In effect, the phone could score 780,000 points on AnTuTu.

Apart from this, our protagonist comes with a gaming-grade bionic cooling system. The area of ​​the vapor chamber is 12 times the area of ​​the heat source in the fuselage. The latter brings faster heat dissipation and more stable operation. The VIVO root bionic heat dissipation structure brings a maximum temperature improvement of 1.2°C to the mobile phone.

On the front, we have a 32-megapixel ultra-clear camera. The single-pixel area of the lens is increased by 30% compared with the previous generation. On the opposite side, there is a new 64-megapixel ultra-clear outsole lens. It supports optical image stabilization technology, which provides a stable handheld shooting experience in low light conditions.

VIVO S15’s new super-sensitive imaging system and more sophisticated algorithm matrix bring a lot of goodies, such as studio-level portrait mode, Super HDR, night scene noise reduction, etc.

The phone supports a 66W flash charging, a new upgraded signal experience, a more powerful NFC, and a linear motor with more delicate tactile feedback.

VIVO S15 Pro Specs

The VIVO S15 Pro is a head higher than its sibling. It adopts a dual-mirror cloud window design and a 60° thin and light curved screen.

On the front, it still uses the Samsung E5 120Hz super-sensitive curved screen. The new luminescent material has a professional-level refresh rate, brightness, and color. It also supports 10x super-resolution touch technology.

Under the hood, the Pro variant houses the Dimensity 8100. It’s one of the most popular chips on the market. Each of the four super-large cores can run at 2.85GHz. It integrates the same graphics processor as Media Tek’s flagship Dimensity 9000, bringing up to 20% performance improvement. In AnTuTu, scored 830,000 points.

In fact, this variant uses a twin-core design architecture composed of the Dimensity 8100 chip and the independent display chip Pro. Honestly, the latter is inherited from the iQOO phones. It can share half of the rendering workload of the main chip, turn ordinary games into higher frames, make high-frame games more stable, and save power while achieving stable frames.

There is a large 4500mAh battery supporting a dual-cell 80W flash charging. Due to it, the battery can charge to 70% in 18 minutes and can be fully charged in about half an hour. Not only that, the temperature of the phone is also very low when charging.

The selfie shooter is the same 32-megapixel lens, while the rear camera uses Sony’s exclusive custom IMX766V sensor. It has a stronger photosensitive ability and no glare for night shooting. Also, this sensor supports a new optical image stabilization technology – Hummingbird super image stabilization. When recording video, the image stabilization structure will follow your hand to make fine adjustments to eliminate jitter, and quickly pull the lens in just a few tens of milliseconds.

The VIVO S15 Pro combines optical photography and computational photography to bring a panning effect. There is also a brand new comics mode.

Lastly, the phone comes with X-axis linear motor, closed stereo dual speakers, dual-card dual-stand by dual-channel 5G support, WiFi dual antenna, dual frequency GPS, future-oriented Bluetooth 5.3, etc.

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