Samsung SmartThings To Use New Smart Home Standard, Matter


Google has been working on various platforms that would allow smart home appliance form various manufacturers to work together. Recently, at Google I/O, the company was talking about its goals in the smart home niche. What caught our eyes was the upcoming standard, namely Matter. The latter has been developed by Google and multiple partners. It is going to become commercially available later this year.

One of the closest partners of Google in this field is Samsung. The South Korean company has already designed various smart home products supporting Matter. Moreover, it’s already testing the standard on a range of SmartThings products.

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“We’re thrilled to welcome Aeotec, Aqara, Eve Systems, Leedarson, Nanoleaf, Netatmo, Sengled, Wemo, WiZ, and Yale into this exclusive program. As a founding member of Matter, we are excited about this development, as well as the opportunity for partners to test their devices and Matter interoperability with Hub-enabled devices and through the SmartThings app. Additionally, partners can use the SmartThings app for seamless onboarding of their devices.”

When Matter is completely ready to hit the market, each of the smart home manufacturers will launch its own smart home appliances with the Matter support. If talking about these two companies, the first Samsung SmartThings and Google Home are already on the road.


However, Matter is not for these two only. The most attractive part of the standard is its interoperability. In other words, if a smart home product supports Matter, then it will work seamlessly with other devices that support Matter as well.

As for Samsung, the company has been talking about Matter for a few years. Even at its developer conference in late 2021, Samsung outlined its plans to integrate Matter device control into various other Samsung connected products. The SmartThings products with a Matter support will get a smart device control with no need to have a dedicated hub.

Once Matter goes live, it will change the smart home field upside down. Of course, at the moment, various smart home product makers cooperate with each other. But Matter will make everything easier for consumers. At Google I/O, the company demonstrated how the device was added to the smart home system with a single QR code scanning.


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