Mijia Smart IH Multi-function Cooking Pot Released

Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot

There are few people who know that Xiaomi designs kitchen products as well. But the thing is that this brand is quite popular in a few categories. For instance, several years ago, the manufacturer released an induction cooker that became a bestseller. As of today, the company launched another model, namely the Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot. It went on crowdfunding through Xiaomi Mall, with a retail price of 899 yuan ($133) and a crowdfunding price of 699 yuan ($104).

Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot

As the name implies, the Mijia intelligent IH multi-function cooking pot can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, it supports frying, cooking, and frying. It has a 4L capacity, and also supports IH uniform and fast heating, 99-speed smart micro-controlled fire, 100 + Internet celebrity recipes, and mobile app interaction.

Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot specs

The Mijia Intelligent IH multi-function cooking pot collects 100+ popular recipes from Internet celebrities. The professional chef team carefully researches each dish, customizes the exclusive heating curve, precisely controls the firepower, temperature, and time of each step, and operates according to the prompt steps. In effect, you will get a one-key cooking performance.

Our protagonist comes with an OLED smart knob screen. During the cooking process, when users add the ingredients, the cooker will display corresponding information through the knob screen. If users forget to add an ingredient or skip the moment, the machine beeps.

Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot

In addition, this cooking pot uses a smart knob to adjust the cooking time and firepower. There is a built-in temperature sensor, which automatically enters the protection state when the temperature is overheated to avoid unexpected situations of dry cooking.

In terms of cooking, the Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot supports 7 modes + 5 default recipes. It also has a custom mode for cooking experts, which can be freely adjusted according to the ingredients and firepower.

It is worth mentioning that the Mijia Smart IH multi-function cooking pot supports OTA updates. The intelligent system can be upgraded with the cloud think tank, and new functions can be updated with one click.

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