OPPO Smart Door Lock Officially Released

There are not many big names in the tech field that make smart home appliances. But Xiaomi and the likes have already proven that even traditional smartphone manufacturers can design good smart home products. Following Xiaomi, Huawei, and a few other similar brands, recently, OPPO released its first smart door lock. The company calls it Kaidis K15-W, which is an automatic smart door lock. The latter comes with a patented automatic lock body, twelve-layer security protection, and other eye-catching configurations.

OPPO smart door lock

The OPPO smart door lock has a fully automatic lock body. The in-line C-level lock cylinder eliminates the risk of violently destroying the lock body to open the door. The built-in motor and smart sensor in the lock body will allow the door lock to lock/unlock with a single touch.

OPPO Smart Door Lock Features

From the internal structure to the external accessories, the OPPO smart door lock has twelve-layer security protection. The door lock will send a notification to the user’s mobile phone in abnormal situations. For instance, when the door is not closed, the door lock is pried, multiple verification errors and the battery is too low, it will notify users.

There is a mechanical unlocking knob on the inner panel of the product. Even if the panel is damaged, the user can quickly open the door manually. The indoor handle adopts a dual-sensing unlocking method to prevent accidental opening of the door.

In terms of fingerprint unlocking, the OPPO door lock adopts a Swedish FPC semiconductor fingerprint recognition module. The latter not only has excellent anti-static and anti-wear ability but also has a recognition speed of less than 0.5s. The recognition success rate is also significantly higher than that of other fingerprint modules. The built-in independent AI chip dynamically works with an independent algorithm. There is no need to worry about the security threat caused by the copying of fingerprints by others.

The OPPO Kaidis smart door lock has passed up to 200,000 fingerprint clicks and 200,000 door opening and closing tests in the product development stage; OPPO smart door lock can easily cope with the working temperature of -20~60 ℃.

Through the mobile app, users can intuitively grasp the current status of the door lock, dynamic records of the door lock, and other information. If there is no one at home when the guest visits, the user can randomly generate a temporary password through the mobile phone app.

The OPPO smart door lock has a built-in smart doorbell with a large sound cavity.

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