Mijia Electric Shaver S600 Launched At 399 yuan ($59)

Mijia Electric Shaver S600

Mijia is one of those brands of Xiaomi that makes almost everything. In its portfolio, we can even find health and hygiene products. When saying this, we mean the numerous electric shavers released under this brand. Today, the company released another model from this category, namely the Mijia electric shaver S600. The latter features a compact metal body, a high-end brushless motor, a floating ceramic cutter head, and a leather protective cover. At the same time, the price is quite affordable, 399 yuan ($59).

Mijia Electric Shaver S600

The Mijia Electric Shaver S600 uses a metal aluminum body, with dimensions of only 5.6×2.9×8.5 cm. It is lightweight and portable. The shaver also comes with a refined sheepskin protective case, which brings a warm and delicate touch.

Other than that, it adopts a magnetic top cover. At the same time, the shaver adopts the principle of the Hall effect. Thus, when the lid is closed and the sensor locks and the motor sound prompts to prevent accidental touch.

The Mijia Electric Shaver S600 uses a precision high-hard ceramic knife. It is high-hardness wear-resistant and provides a long-term sharpness. The knife holder floats independently. The knife net floats up and down. So any part of your face/body can be shaved smoothly.

Mijia Electric Shaver S600

As we said above, one of the selling points of the Mijia Electric Shaver S600 is the brushless motor it comes with. The latter can turn on the surging power in seconds, and provide a high speed of 7400 rpm. The chip can intelligently detect the load, and adjust the speed correspondingly. It is IPX7 waterproof. So you can wash it after use.

On the bottom, there is a Type-C charging interface. Due to it, this portable electric shaver can be fully charged in 2 hours. Also, on a single charge, it can last for 60 days if used it 1 minute per day.

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