Tesla Recalls 130,000 Cars Because Of Toucschreen Malfunction After CPU Heat

Tesla car touchscreen

Earlier today, Associated Press reported that Tesla is recalling 130,000 vehicles after the CPU in the car’s infotainment system overheating during fast charging, potentially causing the car’s touchscreen to malfunction or go completely blank.

Previously, Tesla introduced an over-the-air update (OTA) on May 3 trying to fix touchscreen failures in problematic vehicles, including the 2022 Model 3 and Y, and the 2021 and 2022 Model X and S.

“During fast charging or preparing for fast charging, the infotainment central processing unit (CPU) may not be adequately cooled resulting in excessive temperatures, which may result in slower CPU processing or restarts,” said NHT, which issued the recall notice. According to the National Security Administration (NHTSA), “slow processing or restarts may cause the center screen display to lag or appear blank.”

The recall notice does not clearly explain what is causing the problem and how to fix it with a software update, but it appears to be related to the vehicle’s battery preconditioning.

NHTSA believes the issue could prevent owners from using the backup camera, shifting gears using the touchscreen, and adjusting the speed of the wipers (some Tesla models automatically adjust the speed of the wipers, and the center touchscreen only includes manual speed controls).

While the extent of the problem is unclear, NHTSA says Tesla has “identified 59 warranty claims and 59 field reports” that may be related to the problem. But the company doesn’t know whether there were any casualties as a result.

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Tesla has been offering AMD Ryzen-based chipsets for infotainment systems since last year. But we don’t know whether the new processors also had problems.


Previously, owners noticed that cars with Ryzen CPUs had a slight drop in mileage compared to older Teslas with Intel Atoms.

Tesla has issued multiple products recalls in recent years, including one that couldn’t be fixed with an OTA update.

In December, the company recalled nearly half a million Model 3 and Model S vehicles for a faulty trunk latch system.

Not long ago, Tesla once again triggered NHTSA’s “recall” mechanism due to the “Boombox” function, recalling 579,000 vehicles.

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