Sony Working On New PS5 Portable Game Console

Earlier this week, Sony released its financial report. In it, the Japanese company says that global shipments of PS5 were 19.3 million units, PS4 shipments were 117.2 million units, and the quarterly shipments of the two consoles were 2 million units and 100,000 units, respectively.

Sony PS5 Portable Is In the Works

Although the main model is selling well, the development of the new PlayStation has also begun.

The whistleblower Zuby_tECH recently announced that Sony is developing two new PlayStation machines. One is to participate in the development of small prototypes, and the other is to verify the new generation of system-level chips.

Apart from this, NoteBookCheck compared the research report of Goldman Sachs and found that the development of the PS4 console began in 2008, which is five years before the official release. The PS5 console project was even earlier, in 2013. That is, to the final release, it took 7 years.

According to the aforementioned findings, the PS6 release time is 2027, that is, from 2020, it will take 7 years.

However, during this period, Sony will also make some updates to the PS5. We are not talking about the PS5 Pro or the PS5 Slim, but the PS5 Portable. The latter should hit the stores in 2023.

Judging from the name, the PS5 Portable is very similar to the handheld form and can be put into the pocket. Unfortunately, these are just assumptions and we have no concrete information. However, if this is accurate and Sony is working on the PS5 Portable, it simply means the company is satisfied with the performance of PS5.

If the PS5 Portable is finally settled, it means that Sony is more satisfied with the PS5 performance, at least it makes competition to the Xbox Series. However, the Nintendo Switch, a tough opponent, has to find a way to teach it a lesson.

Sony And Nintendo Performance

By the way, these two (Sony and Nintendo) have said that their flagship game consoles may be in short supply throughout 2022 due to a shortage of parts.

The good news for Sony is that the company can sell every console it makes. Combined with strong results from its movie studios, music division, and consumer electronics division, the company could get an operating profit of a record 1.2 trillion yen ($9.2 billion), in the last fiscal year.

ps5 portable

Nintendo, which relies more on sales of gaming hardware than Sony, saw slightly lower sales and profits in fiscal 2021 and expects further declines this fiscal, also related to supply issues.

Nintendo said the company sold just over 23 million Switch consoles last fiscal year, but that was down 20 percent from fiscal 2020, and it expects sales to fall further to 21 million this year.

Nintendo expects net profit this fiscal year to fall to 340 billion yen ($2.6 billion) from 478 billion yen in fiscal 2021.

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