First Xiaomi 5G Portable Router Is On The Road

Xiaomi 5G portable router

We like to repeat that Xiaomi is not a smartphone maker. This company not only owns hundreds of different companies that make various tech products but also makes its own products. Among them, we should mention the routers. Products from this category are considered to be cost-effective products. In other words, they have an excellent price over performance ratio. Yesterday, through xiaomiui, we learned that Xiaomi is going to release a new product. The latter with the model number CB0401 was spotted in the Xiaomi database. The media proves it would be the Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro. This is going to be the first Xiaomi 5G CPE device.

Xiaomi 5G portable router

CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) has a basic function, that is to perform a secondary signal relay. For this product, we can assume it will be a 5G portable router. Its biggest feature is that it can receive 5G signals and relay data traffic as WiFi signals. Also, it will allow multiple wireless devices to surf the Internet at the same time. However, being portable doesn’t mean it can’t operate as an ordinary router.

Various portable WiFi routers are currently on sale. The cheapest models cost a few dozen yuan, while the expensive ones, such as ZTE’s 5G portable WiFi router, cost 2,369 yuan ($352).

Xiaomi 5G portable router

Usually, high-end portable router products come with color displays. They allow users to check signal quality, remaining traffic, and other information. Other than that, as we are dealing with portable routers, it’s logical to know they come with built-in batteries. We assume the Xiaomi 5G portable router will come with a built-in lithium battery and a Type-C port for faster charging and data transmission.

As for pricing, we have no idea how much the Xiaomi 5G portable router will cost. But if it is a high-end product, it could be priced at 1000 yuan ($148) or even higher. Since CPE equipment requires built-in 5G baseband and antenna modules, good products will be priced correspondingly.

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