Roborock T8 Plus Flagship Vacuum Cleaner Quick Review

Recently, Xiaomi’s ecosystem Roborock Technology released the upgraded version of the Roborock T8 sweeping and dragging robots, namely the Roborock T8 Plus.

Roborock T8 Plus

Roborock T8 Plus Design

The Roborock T8 Plus weighs 4.6kg and measures 353mm x 350mm x 96.5mm. The dust collector and charging stand weighs 4.4kg and measures 442mm x 306mm x 425mm. So the product is very compact and won’t occupy too much space in your house.

The Roborock T8 Plus Smart Dust Collection Edition includes the robot vacuum cleaner itself and the smart dust collection base. There are also instructions, power cords, assembly screwdrivers, and dust bags in the box.

In terms of the body of the sweeping and mopping robot, the Roborock T8 Plus is different from the T8 in terms of appearance.

The Roborock T8 Plus uses a silver high-gloss “Z”-shaped logo. At the same time, there are three buttons for recharging, power, and local cleaning on the top of the machine. Generally, it has a simple and elegant style.

Users can lift the top cover to reveal the dust box, Wi-Fi indicator, reset button and red label, and QR code.

The side body of the Roborock T8 Plus is still white, with recharge sensors, along with the wall sensors, air outlets, a 3D structured light vision module, and a water tank. The 3D structured light vision module has the striking red text “ReactiveAI” next to it.

The bottom of the Roborock T8 Plus comes with cliff sensors, universal wheels, side brushes, charging contacts, main wheels, soft rubber main brushes, and more.

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Once opening the dust bucket, you can see dust bags, card slots, filters, and other parts inside.

Key Advantages

The Roborock T8 Plus has added the Max+ gear, and the suction power has been increased to 5100Pa. At the same time, it is made of TPU soft rubber material, which is wear-resistant and oil-resistant. The vacuum cleaner comes with sonic vibration mopping. The liftable mop is combined with the sonic vibration mopping module. The sonic vibration disintegrates the stubborn stains on the ground. The antibacterial vibrating mop effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria.

The Roborock T8 Plus also comes with a structured light active ranging and obstacle avoidance function, achieving millimeter-level 3D structured light ranging. And due to the infrared light, the robot can identify obstacles in the dark environment.

Roborock T8 Plus

The Roborock T8 Plus supports automatic dust collection. The dust collector has a 27000Pa super suction power and a 2.5L large dust bag. So you have to empty the bag only 6 times a year.

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